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Why Hire a Professional Web Designer for your Small Business?

The Question:

“Why do I need a web designer?” If you are a small business owner who has built a DIY website for your business, then this may be a question you have asked yourself in the past. The answer, of course, depends on what you are trying to accomplish! If you are a highly motivated business owner who is looking to earn the maximum potential possible through your business website then you may need a professional to help you capitalize on the opportunities available to you.

The Benefits of Choosing a Professional Web Designer


A professional web designer who is worth their salt will keep several factors in mind as they design your site. Here are a few examples:
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • “Mobile First” (The mantra of web designers who understand the need for websites to be compatible for mobile devices)
  • Site Security (Are you and your users secure from hacking attempts?)
  • Maintainability (How long will your site design remain relevant and make use of current technology?
  • Web Standards
  • Performance
  • Lead Generation
  • e-Commerce solutions (when applicable)
  • Accessibility
  • … and much more!

The benefit of hiring a web designer is that you can focus on running your business, and we can handle all of these aspects of your site design! A professional knows how to make your website perform quickly, get found on search engines, look good on any device, remain secure, and follow current web standards. A cookie-cutter DIY website service can help you with some of the basics, but can’t give you the unique look and functionality that a professional web designer can give you. Besides all this, it pays to have a professional on standby for your company’s emergency needs. Is the site down? Your web designer should be able to restore it from a backup. Do you need additional functionality like an e-commerce solution or something more advanced than your DIY solution can offer? Hire someone with expertise so you can get the job done with excellence.

Maintaining your Web Presence Long-Term

Once your site is designed, you also need someone who will maintain it for an affordable rate and who provides services like maintenance, security, and data storage. The hassle of having your website hacked and/or data compromised or lost. Being proactive about moving your hosting over to someone who can take good care of it may keep you out of a sticky situation months or even years down the line after you design the site.

Web design is an ever-changing industry. Not only for e-commerce or online based businesses, the web is an important marketing tool for any business. When people search for your website, what are they going to find?

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