WordPress Website – 3 Benefits of Using One

WordPress Website – 3 Benefits of Using One

To kick off my blog, I found it fitting to begin with a short introduction to WordPress, the content management system (CMS) I use to host all of my websites for clients (and personal use). Are you considering using a wordpress website for your business? What follows are three reasons why I love WordPress:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a superior content management system that evolved from a simple blogging platform begun in 2003. Since then, it has become a tech giant and one of the best options for the web design needs of most individuals and companies. WordPress is the preferred hosting choice for millions of bloggers, as well as many name brand companies like TechCrunch and others. It’s myriad of plugins, widgets, and themes mean that WordPress is only limited by your imagination! Of course, not everything about the system is easy for the non-tech savvy business owner, but WordPress is a huge improvement over many other platforms available on the internet.

1. It’s so easy to use.

I simply love how easy WordPress is to use. WordPress offers so many tools for their users that make designing or using a WordPress website incredibly simple. Their dashboard is simple and intuitive, providing easy answers to a web designers every question as the design process moves along. Whenever I need to debug my installation and answers are not easily found, I can look at the WordPress documentation or support forum and usually find answers right away that solve my problems.

For users, the clean and simple design of most quality WordPress themes (yes, even many of the free ones!) lends itself to an easy, care free experience while they browse your site.

2. Search Engines Love a WordPress Website.

Another benefit of the clean and simple code behind WordPress is that you get a dynamic, updated website that follows the latest standards for sites on the web. The option to add meta tags and descriptions, as well as titles and keywords means that optimizing your WordPress website for search engine visibility is a piece of cake. I recommend Yoast SEO for your WordPress SEO needs.

3. Great flexibility with Plugins

So you have your new WordPress website set up. What now? Do you need to offer merchandise for sale on your website? There is a plugin for that. Need to publish a church directory that is only accessible to church members registered with your site? There is a plugin for that too! In fact, there are many plugins to choose from so if one isn’t working for you, you can delete it and try another one.

There are many benefits of using WordPress and these three only scratch the surface. For more information about why I use WordPress for my web designs, shoot me an email through my contact form.

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